CHINAZAEKPERE … The Meaning Behind My Name

Names have meanings, and are given for a reason. Or so I’d like to believe…

My name is Claudine CHINAZAEKPERE Nwadiozor. Today, you will learn and understand why.

On June 1st 1997, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It wasn’t an easy delivery, more so scary and heartbreaking if you ask me. The doctors weren’t sure if the child would make it, nor the mother.

BUT God !!!!

Thank God for being God, because had it not been for him, I wouldn’t be here today to tell my story.

 My father being the prayerful and found believer that he is, cried out to the man upstairs, my heavenly father, and God heard his cry. The bible tells us that God hears our prayers. He sees our tears, all we have to do is cry out to him with a sincere heart, and my father did just that.  God heard his prayers and his cries and saved the life of his little girl and wife.

So, my middle name, my Igbo name, literally means: GOD ANSWERS PRAYER

My first name, Claudine, was given to me, in form of appreciation to the french doctor who God used to save my life and my mother’s. My parents named me after his wife.

My last name, Nwadiozor, literally translates to: There is another child, which is to say that my family lineage will never end.

God has been so faithful toward me along this journey called life, even before I came to know him. I always knew the meaning of my name, but yet I was ignorant toward the power which it held.

It was not until recently in the past few years that my eyes have been opened to know that God has marked me for greatness, as I believe he has marked everyone in their own unique way.

As if my being here today is not proof enough, I can testify from experience that God really does answer prayers, even the prayers we think are insignificant. There have been many times where I’ve prayed about minor things, just for the sake of praying but not truly believing that God was paying any attention to that prayer that I thought was very minor and insignificant. Truth be told, God answered those prayers and I want to believe that him doing so was not because I deserved it but because he wanted to let me know that he is more than capable. To let me know that if he can do these little things that I didn’t truly believe he could do, how much more the greater things, if I believe ?

My prayer life is not the best. I do forget to pray sometimes, even over my food, but when I do pray and truly believe, I see the hand of God move in my life and in the lives of those around me, and I am ever so grateful.

I wanted to share this with you all, to encourage you to figure out what your name means, or why you were given that name if you haven’t done so already. Upon doing this, live up to that name; if your name doesn’t have a meaning that you believe is worth living up to, I challenge you to create a meaning that is worthy by upholding yourself in a manner worth being recognized and emulated.

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