Helloooooo Beautiful People !

My name is Claudine. Welcome to Heart Talk! (formerly known as Real People Real Thoughts)

I started a blog because I wanted to motivate and inspire others, and to make an impact in my generation. I had a vision of creating a space where others could feel included and accepted and that is still my vision.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember; at the time it was mainly poetry. It was something personal and dear to me because I wrote a lot about how I felt and things I was going through, things I didn’t think I could share or didn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone.

As I got older, I learned and witnessed the power that lies in sharing your story. Without a doubt, there is someone out there who may be facing things that you have overcome and keeping silent; not sharing how you conquered that struggle or obstacle is a disservice to them and very selfish of you.

I no longer want to be selfish, so I have decided wholeheartedly to share my story, my experiences, my current struggles and how I am conquering them all. My hope is that someone would be encouraged, find healing, receive peace, be set free and overall just be blessed in whatever capacity they need.

I am not doing this by my own strength but through the strength and the grace of Jesus, which he so freely gave to me. It takes a lot (or at least it took a lot for me to get to this point) to share what you’ve been through, who you used to be, or who you’re trying not to be, but I believe God has called me on an assignment and I trust that if what I share on here is for you, he will open up your heart to receive.

My ultimate desire for Heart Talk is that you all would see the heart of God through my story. There’s a message behind everything presented on here and its from God’s heart to you, I’m just the middle man.

To all my readers, new, old and all other categories, I love you and I am ever so grateful for your support. Comments and questions are appreciated (More); I want to hear your stories too. I’m not perfect, I still have a lot to learn and I’m so ready for growth !