“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

“God has and will FOREVER be the rock in my life. I remember when I was dealing with some issues that were hard to get through. I always foolishly thought that I could get through it with my own determination and will, but God started revealing to me that I need to trust in Him and His process. It was only by His grace that I was able to get through the things that I did. Yes, I still have days when I’m stuck in a slump, but I try to continually remember that I can always look to my heavenly Father for help. Thank you Father God for always loving me and caring for me, even when I don’t deserve it.”


Stephen Adeniyi

“God is definitely doing something with Heart Talk. Each day I try my best to come on here and receive a word for the day which keeps me going. There has been multiple times where I received many confirmations through this blog ! Sometimes I wake up, not having a great day, or the enemy tries to speak negative thoughts in my head but then I head over to my bible and this blog and there goes the hope and encouragement I need ! I am beyond blessed to be able to have access to such a God given assignment. I find myself constantly sharing this blog with friends, and for those struggling to grow spiritually this platform has changed their lives and mine as well ! God bless Heart Talk, may Jehovah take you far!”


Sandra Waife

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