You are Loved Pt. 1

Sometimes I think about how in the world it could be that such a perfect God would love such imperfect people like you and I. I’ve battled with this thought and everything in-between as I’m sure you have at some point or are so doing in this current season of your life.

Get this: God loves you.

We’ve heard this so many times. So much so that it doesn’t seem to have weight and I think the reason for that is because we don’t understand what it means for God to love us. We’re so occupied with trying to figure out HOW He can love someone like us rather than ACCEPTING His love and walking in it boldly. I think we’ve confused God’s love with man’s love/what man THINKS that love is.

Abba’s love is not conditional. It’s not measured by what you’ve done or what you didn’t do. His love is an everyday kind of love. Every single moment of every single day, His love casts out fear, it never lets you walk alone, it takes you in, it lifts you up, it give you joy. For so long I couldn’t understand this, even after I’d experienced all of this.  Like, God has LITERALLY told me and showed me over and over and over again His love and over and over and over again my response has been “It can’t be”. But you know what, the truth is this: IT IS. Honestly, I still don’t understand it; if I’m being honest with myself, I never will understand it in its fullness, but that’s the beauty of this love. You don’t have to understand it, you just have to accept it. I’ve learned to accept it and I promise you it has TRANSFORMED my life, it has bettered my relationship with others, it has bettered me !

Accepting God’s love has been teaching me to allow myself to be loved by others, to love others and to express it freely. All of this requires me to be vulnerable and open which is scary but it’s so freeing because I can literally just be myself and I don’t know what’s more beautiful than that.

If I had to sum up my story/testimony (THUS FAR, because it’s not finished yet, it hasn’t even gotten to the good part yet, lol) in one word, it would be Love. The reason being that everything I’ve overcome, every blessing I’ve received, every lesson I’ve learned, it all came through and as a result of God’s love.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned recently is that love is a choice. We have a hard time defining love because we have all these notions about what love should be and what it ought to look like but God already gave us the perfect example. God chooses to love us. In our mess ups, in our disobedience, in our neglect of Him, He chooses to love us. He CHOSE to send His son; Jesus CHOSE to come give His life for us. I think the real reason why we can’t seem to understand God’s love for us is because if we were God, we wouldn’t make the same choice He made. Well, thank God we’re NOT God right?! lol. (No, but seriously)

God has been guiding me through this principle of choice and helping me understand that being loved and giving love require SEEING and BEING SEEN (I think a lot of us are afraid of this part) and I’m so grateful for the people He’s placed around me in this season of my life to help me understand and live this out. I really want to thank God especially for one person who God used to show me that He sees even when I think he doesn’t or don’t want Him to. This person really notices and pays attention to things I didn’t think anyone ever cared to pay attention to and that alone allowed me to open up my heart. The way I see it is, if this person is capable of this, how much more God? It seems so simple because we know that God is all knowing so of course he knows but when you really sit down and think about it and accept it and digest it, you come into another realm of relationship with God and with people. It’s that DEEP. There’s FREEDOM in love. There’s PEACE in love. There’s JOY in love. There’s CONFIDENCE in love.

With that being said, if what you’ve allowed yourself to regard as love doesn’t give you all of the above and more, that’s not love. Love comes from and begins with and IN God, because He is love.

My desire is to share the heart of God with you all through my experiences of who God as shown himself to be in my life. Today I’ve presented Him to you as my lover. And I want you to know that he loves you so much more than you could ever know or imagine and NOTHING can separate you from His love. Stop trying to run from it, stop trying to analyze it. Just ACCEPT it, as freely as He has given it.

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 8:38-39

*** FYI: I was actually going to share a valentine’s day experience with you all but when I started writing, this is what started to flow out of my heart. I’ll share the story another time, just for the sake of it. Lol

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people! Spread some love today (& everyday) !

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