If you’ve ever gotten sick of things changing all the time and having to adjust to new circumstances, I definitely feel you. I’ve been there myself, too often actually. The worst part is, it kind of takes us by surprise so we don’t really get the chance to prepare. Take a moment and recall that time when life just seemed to be going so well. You had your daily routine, things were falling into place and you were comfortable, happy even. Then, change came knocking. Actually, it didn’t even knock, it just came barging in, and you had no choice but to accept it. So, there you are trying to fit this new thing into your already put together life. Everything that once felt familiar began to feel very unfamiliar.

Does that remind you of something? It should and that’s okay because that’s life ! It’s not meant to be constant. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but even the smallest changes can off set the rhythms that we’ve become accustomed to, no matter how good you think you are at assimilating, you will be affected. It’s life, but I’m starting now to see that these changes are intentional, they don’t happen by chance.

If you examine all your  life, even when things changed, there was one thing that remained the same: God. He never changes, never switches up on us. I feel as though he allows change to happen so often in our lives to remind us that he’s the only thing that will ever be truly PERMANENT.

Troubles come and troubles go. Pain comes but with time we heal. These things are real, there’s no doubt about it but they don’t last, they’re only for a short time (or maybe a long time) but not forever. Truth is, only Jesus is Permanent and Perfect. Now, does this truth make our problems go away, make us unaffected by change, erase or invalidate our pains, disappointments and sorrows? Of course not!

But here’s what it does do: it leads us to Him. The one who is unchanging, the one who is bigger than all of that. It brings us closer to the God who never stopped loving us, who does what he says he will. It points us to the one who is the truth, real hope, real love. The God who became flesh, a living, feeling human being and took our place. He’s PERMANENT.

So when life seems to be getting a little out of hand, just remember you have one thing that will ALWAYS be familiar: GOD.

I pray you find comfort in that truth.

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