Im saddened to know that we live in a world where we often value the opinions of those who shouldn’t even have a say about anything concerning us. Our young people and even some of our older people, are oblivious to the value and the worth they posses.

Self worth is loving yourself despite what others may think of you. It’s truly knowing yourself and being proud and comfortable with who you are. In order to do that, you have to know who’s opinion counts and that’s yours and God’s. Honestly speaking, your opinion doesn’t even matter. We as humans have a tendency to think inadequately about ourselves, partly because of all the nonsense we’re being fed through society and social media, but also because that’s our nature.

The Bible says that everything that God created was VERY GOOD. Even the things we think are bad or not good enough. In Genesis after God created everything he examined it and he said “it is VERY GOOD”. Now, don’t you think if God wasn’t satisfied or saw any error he would have fixed it? God doesn’t just accept anything, that’s not who he is. He delights in the best, and in beauty. And all that God created was and is BEAUTIFUL. That includes YOU. In fact, you are the most beautiful of all his creations. He delights in you above all things. That’s the simple TRUTH.

Forget the stats, the “facts”, all these things change based on circumstance but the TRUTH that God spoke about you will never change, just as he never changes.

When we look at ourselves, we have to learn to see what God sees when he looks at us. Just because you don’t have the kind of hair someone else does or you don’t think you can sing as good as someone, or whatever the case may be! You have to know that you are UNIQUE. No two people are meant to be the same. Everyone has something special to contribute. Learn to love yourself and don’t look to anyone to love you because you only know the kind of love you deserve when you’ve first loved yourself.

And always remember that God loves you, and according to him, you have NO flaw, so guess what? That’s the TRUTH. Believe it and never lose sight of it.

Song of Solomon 4:7 “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” I encourage you to read this scripture in as many versions as you can. They’re all so beautiful and they all speak about you.

One thought on “Self-Worth

  1. Love the piece! I sometimes have my down days as well but I always remember that God loves me and I was created in His image👏🏾👏🏾

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