LIFE : The Most Beautiful Creation

We often take life for granted, myself included.

We fail to realize that it is a gift that none other can give than the creator himself.  An unattainable perfection, the most beautiful craft of all time.

I have spent the past 4 weeks witnessing life being brought into the world. Amidst all the blood, and chaos there was genuine joy and appreciation.

I held a mother’s leg as she pushed and screamed. Just standing where I was, I could only imagine the pain she must have been feeling. All I could do was help the nurses encourage her to keep on pushing, reassure her that she was doing great. It got to a point where she wanted to quit, she was tired but she had no choice. When the contractions came she had to push and when her baby boy was born, standing and witnessing that moment, his cry was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard. I couldn’t help but shed a tear and neither could she.

Overwhelmed from such an experience and many more like it, I couldn’t help but try to fathom how such could come to be. It is not the doing of man but of God. Only he has the power and the wisdom to do such. To mold and to breathe into and to bring to life. We don’t choose life, God chose you and he chose me to bring to life. We are his most prized creations. The ultimate definition of beauty.

For 9 months, a mothers carries a child in her womb and in those 9 months, God is at work creating a unique being that no one can replicate. It is really amazing to know that God took him time to make every bit of who I am. From the hairs on my head to my eyes, and full lips, my hands and fingernails. God is the greatest inventor, life is from him and him alone.

You are a gift from above, hand crafted and specially customized. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful.

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