You Matter.


You matter. I matter. We all matter; you don’t need anyone to validate your existence. God already did that when he breathe life into your lungs, and that validation stands every day that you open your eyes and witness a new day. Too often we rely on others for approval, to tell us that we matter, but you can’t be valued if you are ignorant of the value that you possess. 

As a young girl growing up in a world such as the one in which we have been so graced to live in, I found it hard to believe that I was worth anything. I battled with lack of self-confidence and low-self-esteem. I didn’t think I was as pretty as the next girl, I didn’t have the latest kicks, my hair wasn’t the longest nor was it the straightest, I was afraid to share my opinion and in turn being ridiculed or challenged and questioned. I can go on and on about many things that I thought were valid reasons to devalue myself. But I came to the realization (thank God sooner than later) that I was waiting on others to approve my worth, I was giving them power to define my existence, when God had already done so, even before time. 

I found myself always wanting to be noticed by others, because it made me feel like I was important, but you shouldn’t have to feel important because you are important. It’s not a matter of feelings, it is reality. You are important, you matter. Yes, you may not be as prosperous as the next person in certain areas. Well maybe that’s not the area you need to be focusing on, maybe that’s not the path you were meant to travel, or possibly, you have devalued yourself so much to the point that you are now incapable of grooming and prepping yourself to prosper in that particular area. Majority of the time, we are the cause of our own downfall. If you valued yourself enough, you would take care of yourself; feed your mind, not so much as to prove anything to anyone but for self-edification. 

If only I knew the power of my words, if only I valued myself, my thoughts, my opinions enough to share them and to defend them when challenged. If only I knew the kind of potential I had to be great and to achieve much more than I have set out for myself. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t be able to say this to you: YOU MATTER. You bring something unique to the table just by being you and it’s time you realize that. The next person may appear to be better than you, but that’s only true if you allow it to be true. 

You matter. I matter. We matter. 

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