To kick off the semester, for those starting today and also to help those who have already started, here’s just something to wrap your mind around.

You cannot and will not get what you want, the exact way that you want it unless you

  1. Focus
  2. Work for it

Focus is the biggest and most important of the two. Without focus, your hard work is useless and the byproduct is inefficient.

It’s like studying (something we all will be doing this semester, I hope). You can sit for hours and call yourself “studying” or even read the entire textbook if you like but if you aren’t focused, you will not recall anything your eyes came across within a time span of 30 minutes or even less. You know why? Because you were just sitting on your ass, NOT focused. Yes, you put in the time and the effort but you lacked focus. You saw the words, the numbers, the figures with your eyes but you didn’t process them with your mind.

This semester, or even this year, don’t just try to get by and convince yourself that you’re doing something when the result is nothing.

Focus, be true to yourself, and make your efforts count. If you do this, there’ll be no need to verbally justify your hard work, the end product will speak for itself.

I believe in you all. Now go get ’em ! Have an amazing semester !

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