GREATNESS is Yours … IF You Believe

quoteFor the past two weeks since I decided that I  would be starting a blog, I’ve been pondering and trying to gather thoughts and ideas on what exactly my first post would be about. I asked myself, what will draw people to my blog? What can I say that people will remember? Then I remembered something someone said to me that has stuck with me, which is the above quote, but more so, the last line. Just take a moment to read it to yourself and soak it in, just embrace it, believe it.

Now, you may be wondering what exactly this phrase means or why I’ve chosen to put such emphasis on it. Well here’s why: it’s a new year ! It’s just that simple.

Every new year people take the time to sit and think and write out resolutions but it’s actually very unfortunate that precious time was wasted doing such because majority of people do not actually fulfill their new years resolutions, and I speak from experience. It’s easy to say I want to do this that and the third but when it comes to putting in the work to accomplish that goal we seem to forget why we set the goal to begin with. I’d like to attribute this response, not to incapability but to unbelief; lack of self-confidence.

We are all very much capable of doing whatever it is that we aspire to do but without sincere belief we are incapable. Read this line to yourself one more time: “Greatness is yours if you believe.” I need you to put an emphasis on the word IF because that is the condition. Without sincere belief, you can not and will not attain greatness, it’s actually that simple.

Greatness doesn’t just happen overnight, don’t get me wrong, and it can be whatever you want it to be, something that you feel is important for you to achieve in order to fulfill your life purpose. You can attain it, only and only if you sincerely believe that you can. You have to see yourself having already achieved that goal even while working toward it.

So, all throughout this year make it a habit to constantly remind yourself that “Greatness is yours if you believe.” And most importantly, start believing.

I hope you all achieve whatever goal it is that you have set for this year. Happy New Year and good luck !

Please comment below. Thank you for reading.

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